— Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?
— Because it's there

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My name is Alexander Myshov. I am software developer from Russia. I currently live in the big Siberian city Novosibirsk.

You know it's pretty cold here in winter, so instead of walking through big snowdrifts in the nearest forest I do programming. I love do it. Sometimes it is hard though, but with every solved problem I become more and more confident that I in the right place.

I've been working in this area since my graduation from university in 2008 in Bratsk city. There was a lot different stuff that I did in these past years. I programmed on Delphi, C++, C#, PL/SQL, JavaScript. Some systems that was made by me still runs on one of the most biggest aluminium plant in the world.

Also since 2008 I started to do yoga, and now it is the big part of my life. I passed exams for yoga teaching in 2010, but since 2013 I've decided to fully immerse into software engineering.

Since 2015 I've moved from Bratsk to Novosibirsk to join to the great company 2gis, where I worked as JavaScript developer. I worked on the highloaded isomorphic JavaScript application - 2gis.ru. I also participated in the development of the various features of the WebMaps team (2gis maps (leaflet wrapper), WebGL etc.).

After more than one year I'was asked to join to the most biggest e-shop project in Russia Yandex.Market. And since then I am working at Yandex among the most intelligent programmers in my country.

My projects

Here is some my pet projects that I work on in my spare time:

My talks

Some my talks (slides) that I gave at local meetups:


You can find me at github as myshov. If you will decide to follow me on twitter and you will start to see some philosophical twits, these will be from me, probably ;)